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My Name is Eloy (Rocknwoodworks about us). I grew up here in Sweetwater in Miami. I was a kid of the 80s. The music on the radio including TV shows like Casey Kasem, was Pop and New Wave. Hanging out with my friends when I was young exposed me to Heavy Metal as well. My friends back then (their older brothers) had Heavy Metal posters covering the walls of their bedrooms. I thought it was amazing! I listened to Ozzy, Sabbath, Ratt, AC DC, Metallica and the rest of them. If you recall, those Metal bands had horror themes and artwork too. All that sort of made it’s way into my work, whether woodworking, music recording or anything else to tell the truth.

So, growing up we didn’t have much money and living below our means was instilled in me. With that said, we owned a home. I’ll mention Father was honorably discharged from The Army in the 60s .when My folks got married, he got a VA loan so he could buy a property and start a family.
Anyway… my Dad would do everything around the house himself. He was a DIY and do it yourself guy. My Father would put me to work on different projects, teaching me lessons I did not know I’d use and come to rely on in the future….but that’s how it always works right?

It was in 2009 when I took over the property after my father had passed. I had a lot of skills built up that I had not used. Since I needed to fix the property at that point, necessity awoke those lessons from years back. As I worked on handyman repairs, I started making boxes and furniture…and well, it just got crazy. I’ve built so many things through the years…it’s a real blessing.

My passion is creating pieces with depth and character. What I mean is, I like to make pieces that tell stories and give off a vibe of history. I love torching wood and carving into these projects I create… I think you get the picture…

I have a YouTube Channel. You can really get to know me better by checking out the video’s and vlogs I put out over there. Sometimes I’ll tell a story while I build a project. Other times I’ll record a rock track and go off the wall with psychedelic rock content. So I hope to see you there too.

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