This is the little bandsaw box I made. Check out the video to see the process.


David Jones of Portal Woodworks started a bandsaw box challenge late this year. He’s part of a network I belong to called Maker Media Network. So I thought I’d enter the challenge and support a buddy. Not to mention there are prizes, that’s always cool right? So at the beginning I came up with an elaborate idea of making a round bandsaw box. It would be a port hatch like the ones found on ships. I was thinking in this direction as a shout out to David since he was in the Navy.

I realized at some point, oh and I had been putting off the build because I had other things going at the time…so I had put it off…but when I remembered that my 10 in bandsaw was limited in how tall a piece I could cut,  I had to scrap the idea. So I put it off for another week.

The other day I picked up one of my 4×4 candle holders. I had made these candle holders to sell at a booth at the fair. Well they didn’t sell all that great. Anyways, I decided to turn a 4×4 candle holder into a bandsaw box and enter that into the challenge.


I took the candle holder and sanded off the snowman I had painted on it. Then I used the bandsaw to cut off the hole I had drilled for the tealight to sit in. At this point I had my blank and was ready to start making the box.

I went through the process of making a bandsaw box, if you’ve not seen the steps required, you should check out the video. It’ll give you the step by step.

I ended up making a cool looking box. it’s sort of small but has nice distressed texture to it. After I made the box I went and used the grinder to scratch and carve into the piece. I even torched the wood to give it that primitive, rustic look. It was a lot of fun to make. Even though I was limited because of the tool, I managed to make something that is functional and catches the eye.

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Bandsaw Box

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