In this woodworking episode We’ll show you how to make a reclaimed wood key holder.

Check out the video that shows all the steps I took to make this piece.

I built this from wood boards I had in the yard. A lot of folks would just figure to drop them in the trash. We’ll a lot of neat projects can come for reclaimed wood…and other materials. We see it all the time. So here’s the thing, well a couple of things…We had a hurricane a few months back. I had a lot of random stuff in the yard, so I picked from that and made this functional item.


A few weeks back I was building wooden pieces to sell at the local fair. I made a lot of things leading up to the fair incidentally. The thing was, once we were at our booth, most of the items sold were things I had reclaimed and salvaged out of my yard. People really go for the rustic. So If you’re getting into woodworking or if you’re a veteran maker…or anything in between, think of the cool possibilities. Think of the things that can be made into decor or wall art. There’s a lot that can be done from materials that most would abandon.

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