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Streamed live on Oct 24, 2017

Eloy: First question, can you tell us a little bit about where you’re from? Your history and where you’re at now?

Mike: Yeah, I was born in Brooklyn New York. I grew up there for quite a few years and then migrated to New Jersey…northern Jersey. Small town called Ridgefield park. It’s where I went to school, graduated and ah, eventually I met my wife who lived in central Jersey. I migrated down here…with her. We have 4 kids I live in Freehold New Jersey. ( Miter Mike’s Woodshop )

Eloy: When did you start on social media and all that come about?

Mike: As myself or as Miter Mike?

Eloy: Well? That’s a good question. Within what you make…


Michael Anthony Murray on the scroll saw



Mike: I’ve been doing, you know, woodworking, construction..pretty much since High School. I just have a passion for it and I like to do it. Pretty much everything in my house, I do myself. Just a quick thing, when my wife and I got married, we didn’t have much money for us to hire anybody. So I told my wife that if she bought me the tool..I would do the job. She wanted crown molding put up (smiles) so she went to the store and bought a miter box and a back saw…and came home and said
that the guy said to use this. I said naw a ‘miter saw’. Meaning like a chop saw (laughs). There’s no way I’m doing crown molding with a back saw. So that’s where my first tool came about and kind of how I got my name.

Eloy: Oh I see…

Mike: That was pretty much my original tool that I ever really bought.


Miter Mike's Woodshop
miter mike’s logo


Eloy: and as far as you jumping into making videos and having a presence online…connecting with the community?

Mike: That was ….the exact way.. I don’t remember the exact way… I came into a hangout with Nick Ferry and Charles and I think Patrick. I was in the hang out and I was telling know..what I do and I was watching them guys..they were like,
you should make a video. I’m like..who wants to see a video of stuff I do? And they were like, people will watch it. People don’t know everything. Some people watch it for entertainment, some people watch it to learn something. So I said alright, let me ah..try my hand at this.


Miter Mike's Woodshop
Miter Mike’s Pens


Miter Mike's Woodshop
butterfly Scroll Work (Miter Mike)



Eloy: You’ve been lately working a lot with scroll…..amazing scroll saw work as well…so tell us a little bit about that.

Mike: To tell you the truth, I had a..when I worked for K-Mart…they were going out of business. They sold all their bench top line…and I actually bought a bench top scroll saw. It sat in the box for 15 years. I broke it out one day to do a half attempt mothers day project for my wife. I outlined the hands of my kids. I didn’t cut around their know I outlined with a pencil first. Then cut out their hand..glued it onto a board and you know ‘number 1 mom’ and that was it. Then everybody got me into…or Charles got me into looking at…and me into looking at the Dewalt. You know, that’s the top of the
line..other than the 50,000 dollar other scroll saw. So I had picked up a Dewalt used and and started scrolling. I just kind of, I like to do it. I could do it wee hours of the morning in the garage which is my shop. Nobody in the house will really get woken up by it. I don’t sleep much so I can kind of come out here and and goof off. My daughters were having some nightmares so…I
decided to make them a couple of Dream-catchers (shows the Dream-catchers)


Miter Mike's Woodshop
Dream-catcher 1 for daughters Miter Mike


Miter Mike's Woodshop
Dream-catcher 2 for daughters Miter Mike


Eloy: Dude that’s an insane amount of work.


Miter Mike's Woodshop
Horse Scroll Saw Work Miter Mike


Mike: This was actually my first, this pattern was my first piece (shows horse head scroll work) it’s a Charles Dearing pattern.

Eloy: Amazing! I just have to ask, are you using..what is it? The spiral bit?

Mike: The first time I cut this pattern..I did a flat blade..and it was tough. Just because of all the turns and everything…and everything’s so tight. I switched over to spirals and I’m never going back to flat blades.


Miter Mike's Woodshop
Miter Mike’s Scroll Saw


Eloy: Do you have an ‘I Make’ plate?

Mike: Yes!


Miter Mike's Woodshop
I Make Licence Plate Miter Mike


Eloy: So you took it?

Mike: Yes.

Eloy: You grabbed it (laughs) Wow.

Mike: my wife didn’t know about it cause the truck is in her name.

Eloy: Right..

Mike: I have the chief’s truck…(Mikes kids are heard saying’there’s a cricket in the house’)

Eloy: Haha…

Mike: There’s a cricket in the house, sorry.

Eloy: (Laughs)

Mike: No.. ah..what was I saying?…I have the chief’s truck for 4 years so I didn’t need a second vehicle. So my wife had her SUV, so I went online and applied for it and everything. One day it came in and I changed the plate and she’s like…’do you
know my plate was changed? I was like, yeah I changed it. She was like (giggles) she wasn’t too happy.


Miter Mike's Woodshop
Ceiling work Miter Mike


Eloy: So you’ve done a lot of remodeling inside that house..I mean you’ve…the ceiling too dude!

Mike: Yeah the ceilings of the biggest projects..I think..I took on. And um..I think it came out good.

Eloy: it’s super kick butt dude!

Mike: Yeah this is how I started it out (shows picture of ceiling project) I actually did a 3 part series. I really should go back and redo them and edit them down. Maybe do some voice over.


Miter Mike's Woodshop
Ceiling work 2 Miter Mike


Eloy: The firefighting and and what you do….can you give us a….that’s kind of crazy right? You go into burning houses…I mean, can you give us a little long you’ve been doing that? What got you started in doing that?


Miter Mike's Woodshop
Firefighter Michael Anthony Murray


Mike: Yeah…I’ve been doing it since I was 15. I started as a junior firefighter…and in my wasn’t very big…and I lived on a street..i’d be like eight houses up..was the firehouse. The guy across the street from me, him and his sons…were firefighters. Me and liam were the same age and we decided to join together. So it’s kind of cool..2 o’clock in the morning when the tunes went off…We use to use the old, they still do…use the old air horn. We’d come out run out in the street or run up the street and ah…I just kind of fell in love with doing it. I’ve been doing it since.

Eloy: And right now you’re a Captain?

Mike: Naw, right now I’m Assistant Chief.

Eloy: Ok..

Mike: At the end of this year, hopefully, most likely I’ll be voted in as Chief. I’ll be Chief for two years and then after that I’ll still be a firefighter it’s just, you know, I’ll be an ex-Chief.


Thank you Michael Anthony Murray of Miter Mike’s Woodshop for doing the interview.

To watch and listen to the entire interview, check out The Mad Maker Show Ep5 featuring Mike. You’ll also see links below where you can find Mike on social media. We’ll be live next week featuring Waylight Creations.

.That’s coming up Tuesday 11/07/2017.

Special Thanks to Mod and Co-Host Jamie Page of J.P. Woodwork.

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