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Streamed live on Oct 17, 2017


Eloy: Where are you from? Where are you at? Give us a little background so we have a better picture.

Chad: Ok, so I was born in the North, born in Minnesota. My family moved quite a bit as a child. I lived in Colorado, Texas, Arizona, Oregon, Georgia…so several places. I’ve been all over the Country. A lot of those places I was pretty young so I don’t really remember them…but I do..I think, I went to like, 3 schools in fifth grade. So
I’ve moved around quite a bit. Moved here to Georgia when I was in the fifth grade and have spent the majority of…from 8th grade to 51 here in Georgia…. With a stint over seas and…you know, in the military and maybe a short time down in Florida. But that’s about it. Pretty much here..since about 1980. ( MancraftingTM )


Chad Grosklags



Eloy: Wow. Ok so, you’ve seen a lot of the Country and you said over seas too. So like, over seas in the military you said?

Chad: Mmm hmm

Eloy: Uh where?

Chad: I was stationed in Korea for a year during the 1988 Olympics and then once I came back to the U.S. I was stationed at Fort Benning. I did a short time over in’s called um, it’s an exercise that we went over for…it’s called Re-forger. Just a short stint over there….but that’s about it. ( MancraftingTM )


Chad Grosklags Military


Eloy: I came across your videos when I met you actually…and…we were in a hangout. Um and I met you for the first time, probable been a year? Maybe a little over? I’m not sure.

Chad: Yes it’s been about a year.


Chad Grosklags Mancrafting Truck


Eloy: So, you were showing me around the shop. Me and Jerry Blakeslee. So we were in the hangout, I think it was the weekend….and you were showing us around the shop and it was my first view of what you do with powder coating and mugs. A lot of us have seen your work all throughout the internet. I mean you’re everywhere. Like right now it’s very hot..a lot of people are requesting your mugs, your engravings, their logos on it. Top Notch. Can you give us A little bit of what you do and your process?

Chad: Do you want me to go back to where it all
started or what I do currently?

Eloy: Like Quentin Tarantino…chopped up history or you can do it however you want.


Chad Grosklags in the shop


Mancrafting Mug


Chad: So currently what I do is..basically 3 or 4 different ways you can order a cup. You can get something like a Yeti brand where it’s already duracoated…and then I could laser etch. This is my laser, my laser’s right next to me ( pans camera
to the laser).So, I could do something like that. I could start with a generic cup that keeps cost down. The generic cups are basically identical in most every way except for maybe a little difference in shape or size…but Generally it’s a 30oz, 20oz, 10 oz cups. And I can powder coat it or I can laser etch on stainless to get kind of a black image on a silver cup. I can buy a pre-coated cup and then just laser etch that off to keep the cost down. It depends on what the customer wants.

Eloy: So Dude, the Mancrafting name? Where did that come from?

Chad: Our wives were in another room (Chad’s friend Andy). We were in the dinning room with tumblers all over the dinning room table. We had a cricut vinyl cutter and we’re there cutting out vinyl with, you know, peoples names…company logos and
such..and they looked over at us and said ‘look at our boys they’re so cute, doing their arts and crafts’ We were like ‘wait a second’ we’re sandblasting, these aren’t just arts and crafts… this is manly arts and crafts….and then we coined the term..I think Andy said it first..Mancrafting!We’re Mancrafting! We took the idea of arts and crafts and being men…and so it was sort of a joke in the moment and the next day and as I slept on it..I said that’s a great name. I need to do something with that so I immediately trademarked it and had a logo made.


Mancrafting logo


Mancrafting Mugs Beach


Eloy: You came out with a bamboo one (mug) as well?

Chad: So, yes that’s wood (shows mug) I burned it. Actually what I did was I taped it, burned it, I put a clear coat on it..and then black and then another clear and then peeled off the tape. But ah, it was just a test I wanted to try it out for the first time.

Eloy: Beautiful

Chad: And actually I posted that picture on Instagram. I was surprised at how many people just went crazy about it.


Mancrafting Wood Mug


Eloy: What other projects are you interested in getting at? If you can give us a little taste of

Chad: Well as I said before, I’m starting resin casting. That’s something I’m… I mean I’ve watched Heath Knuckles videos for a year and every time I comment…I’m just like, that is so beautiful. I don’t know how hard it is….but Heath makes it look doable. I really want to have the opportunity to try that so I’m doing that. I’ve got a lathe. I love turning. A great thing about a lathe is you get really quick, immediate gratification on a woodworking project. (For the full interview check out the video)


Aluminum Pen Mancrafting


Thank you Chad Grosklags of MancraftingTM for doing the interview.

To watch and listen to the entire interview, check out The Mad Maker Show Ep4 featuring Chad. You’ll also see links below where you can find Chad on social media. We’ll be live next week featuring Templeboy Turnings.

.That’s coming up Tuesday 10/31/2017.

Special Thanks to Mod and Co-Host Jamie Page of J.P. Woodwork.


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