The Mad Maker Show live interview show of Mattew Haas of Awesome Wood Things


Streamed live on Oct 10, 2017

Eloy: First of all where are you from and just give us a little background so people get a better picture of you.

Matt: Awesome, I’m from Pennsylvania. That’s where I live now. I have a design degree in commercial art and visual communications. I have been doing artwork all of my carrier. Textbook publishing, you open a textbook and
see all the illustration, so someone has to draw that, that was me (laughs) So I did that forever and got promoted supervisor,manager…and then I wasn’t being creative….so I figured out other ways to be creative…and one thing is, woodworking. When I labor on a website for hours and hours and weeks and weeks…I turn my computer off and my work goes away..but when you make something out of wood, it persists (laughs) and that weird notion is something I just love. So I love being creative in the physical world because I spent my carrier being creative in the digital world. ( Matthew Haas )


Matthew Haas
Matthew Haas of Awesome Wood Things


Eloy: I first encountered you though Ryan Bitters, I believe that’s the case. He mentioned yeah there’s this dude and you
should check out his channel. He said just check out Awesome Wood Things on YouTube. Last thing I expected to run across was the refreshing way that you create projects, videos and the themes. Geek culture, movies, film…80s, retro, you love the 80s don’t you?

Matt: Oh man the 80s was the best time
(laughs) I don’t care what anyone says. I think, you know, whenever you’re 18..17, 18, 19….20 years old, whatever whatever decade that was, that’s the best and for me that was the 80s. Boy, I had a blast! Good music you know, good crowd, no responsibilities, disposable income..awe man (laughs) bring on the 80s I love it.


Matthew Haas
Awesome Wood Things


Eloy: Your channel, the branding of it, Awesome Wood Things, your logo, the content inside…to me it has a glue me you expect Awesome Wood Things and that’s what you get. So it’s very refreshing when I watch your videos.


Matthew Haas
Awesome Wood Things Logo


Matthew Haas
Awesome Fun Things Logo


Eloy: Show us some of your projects.

Matt: This is my bad ass beer caddy. I gave this to my friend and he’s a beer connoisseur. He’s actually going to do another video with me soon. This was all reclaimed materials.

Eloy: Is that rebar?

Matt: Yeah it’s rebar, I had a 5 foot of rebar
that I, that my friend gave me…and I’m like,
yeah I’m going to use that rebar.


Matthew Haas
Wood Beer Caddy


Matthew Haas
Cardinals Logo Artwork


Matthew Haas
CNC wooden Trophies


Matt: Let me see if I can find my favorite project ever. This is the best project that I think I’ve ever done. This is a creature from Dr Who. It’s an alien. It looks evil, it looks disgusting but it is a very gentle creature. And the whole point is, looks can be deceiving.


Matthew Haas
Ood Glowing Art


Matt: It’s the most complicated thing I’ve ever put together. The eyes glow separate from the sphere…and you can control that on the piece of artwork. The glass, you know, has frosting on it. It has holes in it. It’s got paint on both sides. The glass has 4 different treatments on it…and then LEDs.



Matthew Haas
Glass and vinyl wall art


Matthew Haas
Dr Who Wall Art


Thank you Matthew Haas of Awesome Wood Things for doing the interview.

To watch and listen to the entire interview, check out The Mad Maker Show Ep3 featuring Matt. You’ll also see links below where you can find Matt on social media. We’ll be live next week featuring Miter Mike’s Woodshop.

. That’s coming up Tuesday 10/24/2017.

Special Thanks to Mod and Co-Host Jamie Page of J.P. Woodwork.



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