Adam McMillen

The Mad Maker Show Live interview show of Adan McMillen


Streamed live on Sep 27, 2017

Eloy: Welcome Adam McMillen! Tell us a little about yourself, give us the lowdown.

Adam: I pretty much work by myself. We’re making signs and other things that people care to hire me to do. I’m kind of a hired gun I guess.

Eloy: The first time I saw you was in one of the groups. I think I reached out to you and said ‘dude what an awesome build’. You were modeling this biplane…the skeleton of it. I just sat back jaw dropped! What was that about?

Adam McMillen
Flyover restaurant sign

Adam: That was for a restaurant called Flyover. I kind of tacked myself into a corner there with the owners. They were looking at their logo and we kept talking about prices and what I could do. They just kept asking, well what could you do with more money? I said well, if you want a plane sticking out of the side of your sign we can do that! They said well how much is that going to cost us? I said well, I don’t know, ten thousand dollars. They were like, ok lets do it! On the way home I was like, what the hell did I just agree to do? I don’t know how to build a freaking plane. (laughs) Turns out it’s a lot easier than I though it was. I just bought some plans off of ebay for about 12 bucks for a large scale RC plane build. I kind of modified them to fit my needs. It didn’t need to fly so that made it easier you know. (Laughs)

Eloy: (Laughs)

Adam: And I just kind of went from there.

Eloy: (laughs) So you were driving home and thought what did I just do haha..You threw out a number and they were like yeah, we want this.

Adam: Yeah


Eloy: I don’t know if you mentioned it prior, where do you live?

Adam: I’m in Columbia Missouri

Eloy: And did you grow up there? I don’t think, no?

Adam: No I’m From Western Nebraska a half hour from Wyoming. I grew up there born and raised. I moved out here about 10 years ago….

Eloy: OK

Adam: ..and I got a job at the local music venue that’s an old theater built in 1927. Like an old vaudeville. I was a bouncer there for a while and the place was kind of a dump. Everything was in disrepair and it was a beautiful building. I was raised in construction, painting and all kinds of stuff as well as a classically trained artist. I talked the owner into doing some restoration on the place. Just little projects you know? Fast forward to about five years later I repainted the whole place. I pretty
much restored everything in there that I could. When I ran out of projects there I started working for myself.

Adam McMillen
Old theater built in 1927
Adam McMillen
Restored old theater built in 1927

Eloy: So it just came natural to you? You grew up seeing that… your family…..and it evolved into what you’re doing now?

Adam: Yeah my Mom pretty much made me (laughs) she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Eloy: You have a surreal sort of side to you as well. Is that fair?

Adam: Yep, I guess, I suppose.

Adam McMillen
Adam McMillen

Eloy: Surreal sort of psychedelic sort of off the cuff. I don’t know… I see these signs and then I see these sculptures…like, right now you’re building this armature that cascades down?

Adam: Want to see it?

Eloy: yeah!

Adam: it’s outside. It’s an armature for a sign. I don’t know if you can see that?

Eloy: Yeah, try and hold it (Camera) steady. So that the folks out there can…

Adam: It’s kind of dark out…

Eloy: Yeah but we see it… it’s curved up and it’s sort of like a, what ya call? The stinger of a scorpion.

Adam: Yeah

Eloy: What is it?

Adam: It’s an armature for a sign. It’s going to hold a sign, like, inside of it. I made a smaller one too. I’ll show you that one..

Adam McMillen
large metal armature for a sign

Eloy: What a trip dude! Is it a secret or where’s that going to be?

Adam: For a place called Fairy Garden Trust. It’s like a privately owned…like hiking trails….It’s really manicured.

Eloy: You had made a cylinder and welded it up together.

Adam: Yeah that was for a city instillation. I made spheres out of washers that are all welded together. I’m taking that same concept and doing body casting on nude models. So I’m going to try and make a female form out of washers, or a chain or something like that. This past year I’ve casted three or four models. I’m getting ready to do my final casting that will actually become a sculpture. Up to this point I’ve just been practicing.

Adam McMillen
metal washer welded together – sculpture

Eloy: The cool thing is by following you on your Facebook and on Instagram…is that people watch and people get inspired.

Thank you Adam McMillen of McMillen Industries for doing the interview.

To watch and listen to the entire interview, check out The Mad Maker Show Ep1 featuring Adam. You’ll also see links below where you can find Adam on social media. We’ll be live next week featuring Bobby Duke. He’s an amazing sculptor and woodworker. That’s coming up Tuesday 10/03/2017.

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