Here is a beautiful little cabinet I made. I saw a similar design while walking the mall one day. It was so striking to me that it stayed in the back of my mind. So I eventually got around to it. I really love how it came out. Check out the video for inspiration and ideas…
  • Shabby Chic Cabinet
Here’s the video, check it out for inspiration. There’s a lot that went into this. It’s all handmade from scratch!
  • shabby chic cabinet blue and

    Shabby Chic cabinet

So we’ll give you a rundown of the steps we took to make this cabinet in the next few photo’s…
  • shabby chic cabinet blue and

    Framing for the Shabby Cabinet
Here are the front and back sides of the cabinet. It’s simple 2×2 wood. Not to mention that I have these boards on hand already. in fact I had all the wood for the project handy. I really love to make stuff. Let’s move on…
  • shabby chic cabinet blue and

    Cabinet frame glue up
Take a close look at the glue up. This is a basic construction but does have a good amount of little steps so it can come together…but that’s like everything in life right? Ok, next…
  • shabby chic cabinet blue and

    Basic drawer construction
Here’s the drawer. It’s a simple construction for a drawer made with 1 x 4s and the bottom is an 1/8 in sheet of ply. Just a little glue, nails and clamps and we’re good to go!
I glued up a top for the cabinet. It’s made up if 2 1x4s in the middle and boxed in with 4 more 1x4s.
Let’s check out the next photo….
  • shabby chic cabinet blue and

    painting the cabinet the Shabby Chic way
I went inside to cool off a bit. I live in Florida and it’s blistering down here. So I took advantage of the time and painted the cabinet a Shabby Chic Blue and brown…
  • shabby chic cabinet blue and

    Little Shabby Chic Cabinet
The cabinet is coming along nicely. I’m just making final adjustments and we’re just about done. The latch system I came up with for this piece is a lot of fun to play with and look at. Check out the video for more on this and inspiration in general.
Let’s check out the final piece….
  • shabby chic cabinet blue and

    Shabby Chic Cabinet Colors
Here it is, a view from the top. Like I mentioned before… this is such a fun furniture piece to own and look at. It will stand out …guaranteed!!

    shabby chic cabinet blue and

    Shabby Chic Cabinet
Thank you for checking out my work. I hope you like it. I’ll catch you next time..

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