Two things, many of us have nosy neighbors…..and have need for a patio space that is functional! Well, that was the case for me. So I planned out a design and created a modern outdoor space that addressed both problems! Check it out…

Video for inspiration and ideas!
  • modern patio diy inspiration, Before

My side patio was a mess! For as long as I can remember, When it comes to up-keep, a home is a never ending story…inside and out! This is the before picture.

  • modern patio diy inspiration, removing rubble and clearing the area

    removing rubble and clearing the area
First I removed all the rubble.
  • modern patio diy inspiration, Boxing in the area

    Boxing in the area
Next I cleared the area and leveled it I Boxed it in with 1x4s so I could pour the concrete.
  • modern patio diy inspiration, Conduit for outlets

    Conduit for outlets
Before adding rocks, I added conduit so I could run wires and have outlets around the patio.
  • modern patio diy inspiration, Pouring the slab

    Pouring the slab
I filled the frames with rocks and added rebar and mesh. It was a back breaking job to pour and finish the slab!
  • modern patio diy inspiration, Slab and wind sails

    Slab and wind sails
I was just one guy and had to mix as I went along. I did the two small ones one day and the larger box on another. Here you can see the slabs are curing. I added wind sails, they really make the space!
  • modern patio diy inspiration, Wind Sails

    Wind Sails
Another look at the wind sails.
  • modern patio diy inspiration, Custom Furniture being built

    Custom Furniture being built
I build seating along the fence line and attached a tall backing to it. All this lumber was 1×4 and 2×4. I covered the furniture with enamel paint for protection from the elements.
  • modern patio diy inspiration, Horizontal modern design

    Horizontal modern design
Patio furniture is made with a horizontal design, take a look.
  • modern patio diy inspiration, Enamel Paint on patio furniture

    Enamel Paint on patio furniture
Furniture painted with outdoor enamel paint for maximum protection from the elements!

    modern patio diy inspiration, Patio is looking great

    Patio is looking great!
The cool thing about this patio project is, it feels modern and welcoming. The furniture also serves as privacy from prying eyes. This is the space I created I hope it gave you some ideas.
Earlier photo missing backing on second privacy seating. You can see the slab is painted, wind sails up and the outdoor space is taking shape!
A great privacy wall with seating!
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