I use to drive air boats all day out here in the Florida Everglades.
It’s a great job and a lot of fun…. But I’ll tell you, working out
under the hot Florida sun will bake you good. Not only that but we
would be out there rain or shine. Let’s just say that after a long
days work, you felt beat to a pulp.

There were times, more often than
not, that I’d come home and crash on the bed, or sofa for that matter.
No dinner, I’d just sit and fall asleep. I’d wake the next morning without
food in the belly and I’d be out the door to do it all over again.


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We had a neighborhood cat and he was a stray. He use to love hanging
around me. One time I walked in after work and just crashed on the
bed, I even left the front door open. So the cat walked in while I was
laying there. He jumped up on my chest. I was still sort of awake.
Anyhow, next thing I know, it’s morning and the cat was aspleep on my
chest. He slept on me the whole night ha.

Check this video of me making a cat gift box. I’ll take you through the steps I took to make it…

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