Back in the 80s here in Miami as kids we use to collect comic books, ride bike, skate, play D&D and listen to music. That’s really all we had, after all there was no internet. At some point you get older and interests change, you know how that is.

A few years back a new comic book shop opened here in my area right in front of FIU. The shop is called Korka Comics. At the time I had an accident on the band saw. I was out for the count for a few months. So I ran across the newly opened Korka Comics. I went in and got that same old vibe I use to have as a kid. It was refreshing for me so I picked up a few titles. It was during Marvel’s Secret wars where the Marvel universe was destroyed. So reading the books again helped me through that trying time. The injury was pretty bad. I had cut the tip of my finger off. Yes that was depressing! But they attached it and I’m happy to say that it healed and you can’t really tell I had cut it like I did. The only thing that reminds me about the injury is that the tip of the finger is numb.


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So I made a sign for Korka Comics and presented it to them the other day. ┬áCheck out the video of me presenting them with the sign. Also in the video I’ll take you through the steps I used to make the sign. Check it out…

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