Sometimes a chain link fence and gate needs an upgrade!

That’s what happened with mine. What I did might give you some great ideas of your own…


Years ago my Father installed a chain link fence to divide our house from the studio on our property. My Grandparents lived next door and the fence was put up for privacy. That was a long time ago and a few years back I added a gate. I added the gate so I could cross from the studio side of the property to the main house. I was planting bushes and trees at the time…and I didn’t want to keep walking all the way around the outside of the property.

The issue was that I had left too big a gap between the gate and post. So I decided to upgrade the gate at least. So I went to Home Depot and bought some fence boards..

I went home and disassembled the gate. I measured the pipes I had originally cut too short and cut new pipes at the correct size. I used a Makita Compact cordless Band Saw to cut them

I also added a cross brace so the the gate won’t sag when I add the weight of the boards to it. Check out the photo and I’ll also leave a link to the video at the end so you can check out all the steps in more detail…

So in order to attach the wood boards to the gate, I needed to rip two strips on the table saw

Then using my Dewalt Circular saw I’ll cut the strips down to the width of the gate…

I’ll attach these boards on the top and bottom sections of the metal gate. To make my job easy, I also used Dewalt clamps to hold the wood to the fence.You’ll see what I mean in the photo’s below. But the idea is to attach these strips and then attach the fence boards to the strips. Check it out….

Ripping fence board on the table saw

Cut boards to size with the Circular saw so they fit the width of the gate…

Attach to gate. I use my Brushless Dewalt Drill

Dewalt clamps are holding the work piece

Same process on the bottom. Drill a pilot hole and attach board with screws

Now add the boards to the gate and screw in place….

Here’s the finished gate and it came out awesome! I’ll leave a link to the video. It’ll go into more detail and give you some more ideas. I hope you enjoyed the project! Let me know if you upgrade your own fence gate. I’ll catch you next time….

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