I was recently inspired to make a Spider Lamp…

I was watching a lot of the work produced by Rebecca DeGroot. She makes furniture and decor with spider like legs. The pieces she creates are really striking! Sometimes an artist’s work really strikes a nerve with me. This was the case with DeGroot. I couldn’t get those images of spiders out of my mine. DeGroot had posted one of her latest pieces online, I commented to her that I was very inspired. I mentioned that I was thinking of trying out a piece of my own, in her style! She said, ‘great, leave me a link when you make one’. That was a few weeks back.

I woke up early new years eve and spent the day creating my spider’s body and legs. I wanted to add some flavor of my own to this project…. So, I decided to make the spider a lamp. 


Now DeGroot uses a lathe in her work and I don’t have one. So I have to work at it with a belt sander See Video.

When I started off on this…I drew up a template for the legs and body. I used my band saw to cut out all the shapes of the spider. Like I mentioned above, I did a lot of sanding on this. A lathe would have come in handy though. 

DeGroot uses splines to attach her spider legs. I went with sockets drilled into the body. See Video Then I epoxied the sockets and stuck the legs in, holding them as the epoxy set.

I used a light fixture and extension cord to power the spider. Check out the video to see how I went about making this lamp. It was a fun build!


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