Art of the Handmade

Seaside Crab Wall Art

I went back to my scroll saw today and made a couple of wall art pieces. One is a seaside crab and the other is a girl reaching up to pet a horse. Check out the photo I took of these pieces right as I finished them…   Check out my Etsy Store where I […]

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Make A Ring From Wood And Copper

I took a copper pipe and wood shavings to make my own handmade ring! Check it out…                                                    

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4 diy bottle openers

In this Episode (see video) I make 4 diy bottle openers. I also update you guys on the fair and display booth I was at. Lot’s of little bits to tell you. Check it out…                                

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Skull Guitar Pick Holder Wood Project

I made a really cool looking guitar pick holder out of wood. This little case is made in the shape of a skull and pretty rustic looking. Check out the video of how I made it Here are the steps I took to make this guitar pick holder               […]

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How to make a reclaimed wood key holder

In this woodworking episode We’ll show you how to make a reclaimed wood key holder. Check out the video that shows all the steps I took to make this piece. I built this from wood boards I had in the yard. A lot of folks would just figure to drop them in the trash. We’ll […]

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Ep5 The Mad Maker Show (Miter Mike’s Woodshop)

The Mad Maker Show live on YouTube¬†Here Streamed live on Oct 24, 2017 Eloy: First question, can you tell us a little bit about where you’re from? Your history and where you’re at now? Mike: Yeah, I was born in Brooklyn New York. I grew up there for quite a few years and then migrated […]

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